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Direct Attached Storage (DAS)

It can benefit as dedicated storage at a economical value for high application performance. DAS is a storage that is directly connected to the server without special support, directly accessible to other ones. .



A NAS is a storage device that can be attached anywhere in the network. Its sole purpose is to store files and make them available to authorize network users.


Storage area network (SAN)

A SAN is a high speed special purpose device that can interconnects different kinds of storage devices with associated data servers on behalf of a larger number of network users. which can be connected to all Servers in LAN or WAN.


Unified Storage solution:

Unified storage is a storage system that makes it possible to run and manage files and applications from a single device. To this end, a unified storage system consolidates file-based.

Storage system Advantages

  • Veloxgroup professionals can assist you in determining what solutions will best meet your objectives. Networked storage topologies (SAN, NAS & iSCSI) Which can bring increased levels of performance, flexibility, simplification, resource utilization, data availability, and disaster recovery capabilities to your organization.
  • Strategies to help you with data availability, speed of access and secure sharing of data inside and outside your enterprise.
  • See storage strategies, solutions and implementation plans to address your data storage challenges cost-effectively.
  • Meet growing demands for capacity and storage performance, and align your storage management with your business strategies.
  • Architecture level expertise in allocating and masking storage; Connecting HBAs to SAN fabric and establishing zones according to standard fabric design. Design and implementation of SAN fail-over across data center.
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